HTST milk pasteurizers

Suitable for pasteurizing dairy products:  milk, cream, yogurt, kefir,  etc.Capacity range:

  • MINI: 160 – 600 liter/h.
  • MIDI: 800-2000 liter/h
  • MAXI: 3000-5000 liter/h

According to Hungarian and/or EU norms, having own electric heater or steam-water heat exchangers.

Heat recuperation helps to ensure energy-saving: 90% of energy is re-used.

Adapting to the requirements of the Customer, the units can be small, compact, fully-built versions, or built-on-location versions.

ZOOTECHNIKA HTST milk pasteurizer
Other versions are suitable for calf milk and colostrum pasteurizing. Capacity range available: 160-400 l/h.